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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Driving With a Learner's Permit - Week 1 and so far we are still alive

A full week and so far we are still alive and haven't had an accident or any other unwelcoming incident behind the wheel.

It's official! We completed a full week of driving with my daughter after receiving her learner's permit. In our state, it's referred to as an instructional permit before you are allowed the opportunity to pass the driver's test to receive an intermediate license on the GDL Graduated licensing for teens.

I picked this book up at the library, and it seems to be good so far. It's called Crash Proof Your Kids, and it's written by a race car driver.

I've also been following an online driver's ed instructional course I discovered.


That's fine with me. I would rather take it slowly and get it right than jump into traffic situations that could be a nightmare.

Day 1 - We began with an empty lot just to get the feel for the car.
Day 2 - My hubby took her to a quiet section of a nearby lot. She successfully parked and avoided the curb. When my hubby backed out, he hit the curb.

Part of this driving thing is eye-opening for us as to how we drive and our own idiosyncracies. For instance, from the time she got her permit, I thought it would be a good idea to have her ride up front in the passenger seat. This has taken some getting used to for me as I am used to having an empty seat next to me. Plus, it makes me very aware of my every driving move. While I have not hit a curb yet, I did pull into a parking space in a haphazard, embarrassing manner when we went to a jewelry store after driving practice.

Day 3 - We found a nearby church lot that not only has parking spaces, but a paved roadway that encircles the church simulating a real road.

Day 4 - I pointed out the warning lights on the dash and had her take a test I found online about what each light and dashboard gauge means. We returned to the church lot and practiced parking, backing out of spaces, and driving around. It's funny how 25 mph seems so turtle slow in a school zone when I'm driving, but 10 mph seems like we're flying around a curve in a parking lot with my new driver behind the wheel and me in the passenger seat.

Day 5 - My hubby took her to the church lot we discovered.

Day 6 - We went to a nearby KOC lot and practiced driving around the building, backing out of and pulling straight into parking spaces. My goal is to get her used to the feel of the size of the vehicle until she is comfortable with it.

Day 7 - Hubby showed her the engine, where the spare tire is, etc. Then, I took her to a nearby lot. I wanted to take her to a school that has large lanes for buses to park. I thought she could drive up and down them, but this school constantly has people there, like the teachers and students live there or something. There has to be a day or time of day when this isn't the case.

Instead, we went to the nearby college lot and practiced parking, backing, driving around inside the lanes.

So far, she has racked up about 3 1/2 hours of driving and almost got some nighttime practice as the sun was going down.

In our state, we need 40 hours behind the wheel instruction with a parent or driver's ed instructor before trying for the driver's license at age 16. She has about a year to get this done. We are way ahead of schedule.

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