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Monday, March 13, 2017

Homeschool Review - Creative Freewriting Adventure

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I was thrilled to get a chance to review the Creative Freewriting Adventure: a journey into freewriting from Home School Adventure Co. which also includes the Creative Freewriting Adventure Coloring Book Edition.

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What is Creative Freewriting Adventure?

Home School Adventure Company, #hsreviews, #celebratingmanhood, #waodani ,#CreativeFreewriting, Homeschool Adventure, Creative Writing, Celebrating Manhood, Waodoni, People Groups
Creative Freewriting Adventure Coloring Book Edition, #hsreviews, #celebratingmanhood, #waodani ,#CreativeFreewriting, Homeschool Adventure, Creative Writing, Celebrating Manhood, Waodoni, People Groups Creative Freewriting Adenture, #hsreviews, #celebratingmanhood, #waodani ,#CreativeFreewriting, Homeschool Adventure, Creative Writing, Celebrating Manhood, Waodoni, People Groups

I received a pdf download version of the Creative Freewriting Adventure as well as the Coloring Book Edition. Both are essentially the same thing, but the coloring book version includes picctures that correspond to the text for the student to color, and the Creative Freewirting Adventure book without the coloring pages focuses more on the actual writing. The PDF allows the student to type the text directly onto the pages on screen, or you can also print off the pages for writing.

Each reading segment is a brief study of each specific philosopher. The following Table of Contents is from the Coloring Book Edition, but the Creative Freewriting Adventure only varies slightly, mainly with additional pages talking about registering the resource for future updates and such.

The program is recommended to be used with one student three times a week.

The reading segments follow a simlar format for each, and look something like this, followed by a short writing adventure exercise and pages to type or write it on. The Coloring Book Edition adds a corresponding coloring page with each lesson:

The assignments at the end of each section followed pretty much the same format throughout and look something like this:

How Did We Use It?

I sat down with my EXTREMELY reluctant writer and began. I read the text to her while she colored and then took began to work from the other book.

The first exercise in writing had us set a timer for 15 minutes and let her just go to town writing anything that came to her mind.

What Did We Think?

I personally love this approach to writing. I love how it includes information about philosophers in a writing program. I've never seen this done before, and the two topics together are a beautiful match. Instead of silly little, mindless stories or pieces of disjointed texts to learn the writing process, this adventure gives you tidbits of interesting historic information that naturally triggers discussions.

When I first received it and looked it over, I thought the coloring pages were probably for a younger child, and we would be only doing the Creative Freewriting Adventure journal that concentrates more on writing. I was, however, a bit taken back by my daughter's writing terror. I tried out both books to get a feel for which one was more fitting for her and quickly was surprised to discover she is terrified of writing. So, we began slowly and focused on the coloring to ease her into hopefully loosening up enough to jot down her thoughts. In the end, I am THRILLED that I also got a copy of the Coloring Book Edition, because this child needs more confidence in her writing ability than I realized.

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