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Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekly Wrapup A Few Days Late

So, last week was so busy that my weekly wrapup is being written on a Monday instead. Here's how the week went:

My parents are recovering from surgery, so Sunday began with me going down to my parents to be there while my one sister left to go back home 2 hours away to the south of us, and the other sister arrived from 2 hours to the north of us. I was there for several hours and drove home in the dark very reflective of life's brevity and how fast it goes.

On Monday, the girls had Lifelight, which is a Christian drama group for homeschoolers. I dropped them off and tried to get some writing done at a nearby McDonald's... That's always interesting with all of the different people and noise level. Thank God for my daughter turning me onto Pandor with earphones.

On Tuesday, I headed back to my parents to stay with them while my sister who was helping them went with my niece to try on wedding dresses. My niece is getting married in July. Very exciting time for her! I drove home after several hours there and feeling like my parents had progressed enough that I wasn't really needed but still somehow so exhausted and again driving at night.

Wednesday, I tried to play catch up with school work with my youngest who is the only one left who usually needs my help still. I woke up with a bit of a sinus headache and it only got worse as the day went on, but I still managed to go driving with my 15-year-old permit holder and finish all of school lessons with my youngest plus some art.

Thursday through Saturday was completely taken up with my oldest son whose robotics team was competing in Regionals. This meant early mornings, rush hour and driving downtown. I was actually relieved when we left Friday night that they were not ranking as well as last year and didn't look like they'd need my son for scouting the next day. But, when I left the garage, so tired and still feeling like I had a cold or some allergies, I scraped my car against this yellow concrete pole. Not a good thing to do, but thankfully God was watching over us. It wasn't a person or a car that I scraped against and only had mostly paint that wiped off leaving just a slight brushing of scraped paint mostly on my van. When I drove home that night after the competition, I was so exhausted and then completely crashed the next two days almost not moving from the couch and feeling so sick and freezing.

This brings us to today, another Lifelight day and writing at Panera. We woke up to snow, only it wasn't on the streets just the house and yard, enough to look pretty but with a yucky blizzard-like feel in the air and rainy all day.

And, so begins another week.

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