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Friday, March 31, 2017

Weekly Wrapup - End of Nothing

Last week's end brought me to write about my youngest and my fevers, and unfortunately this week brings me to another child down. So far, 4 out of 5 in our household have been hit by this bronchitis-like sinus infection, and I'm ready for it to be over and for my final hold out, my son, to not get it.

So, school this week involved me with my youngest one-on-one and wrapping up some reviews as well. It also involved discussions with my son about what he is working on.

The week had every promise of being the break I needed but didn't turn out entirely peaceful. Still, it was a nice nothing week in that I had no commitments that were pressing for me to drive or be anywhere since we cancelled Monday's events due to illness, and my dad had this week before radiation begins. So, I am dubbing this week the end of nothing... It is the end of  a week of "nothing" in terms of commitments.

Yet, next week holds the promise of being a bit stressful and chaotic with hopefully children well enough to attend their drama/dance/voice on Monday, followed by Lego Robotics on Tuesday, my possible driving my dad to radiation on Wed, Thursday and Friday, and finally my oldest daughter's big solo debut for triva night where she is slotted to sing a solo for the Broadway Musical theme section. Whew! I'm already tired as I think about all the possible driving involved. Though, I am sort of on standby in terms of whether or not my dad will need me to drive him to radiation because my brother is in town and may be able to help.

So, this week involved a lot of one-on-one with my youngest. We did Readers in Residence, a CompuScholar lesson or such, read The Story of The Thirteen Colonies and the Great Republic and reviewed the 200 Questions of American History from Memoria Press. She did some art, and we continued with the Ancient Greek lapbook we had begun for a Homeschool in the Woods Review. She also continued her normal lessons of Horizons Math, /Spelling You See, Language Smarts, Eclectic Reader Language Arts, Apologia Astronomy, and Bible.

We also made headway on wrapping up plans for our music tour with my hubby again this year. Though, we have shortened it since the kids are getting older and one may possibly have a job at that time. We have, through prayer and a lot of planning and sorry to say worry and grieving of the long 5-week tours we have become accustomed to, decided to make it a two-week tour in WI this year, and then return home before heading out again for another week to celebrate a late 25th anniversary trip back to where we spent our honeymoon, only this time with children in tow. I pray it will be blessed.

As for me, I have had this strange feeling of anxiety for the past couple of weeks. I haven't been able to put my finger on exactly what is causing it. I know it has a bit to do with finances and a bit to do with life and death thoughts of how short this time on earth really is, between watching my parents struggle and being ill myself and taking care of sick kiddos. Regardless, I have tried to cast my cares on Jesus, because the Bible says he cares for me. I am trusting him with my anxiety and believing I will have a victory to report one day.... hopefully soon!

So, now if I can tackle some housecleaning, perhaps I will be on track to starting into a potentially extremely hectic week next week.

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