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Friday, April 21, 2017

Weekly Wrapup - Easter Egg Hunts Puzzles Theater Intensive and Learning Japanese

Here we are again at the end of another week and somehow with only one more week of April left. How did that happen? This year is flying by much too quickly! So, what did we do this week? (I type as if someone out there actually cares to read about our very average life out of the limeight). But, here goes.

Along the way, my son announced he had decided to learn Japanese. So, he proceded to count and name colors and explain parts of speech markers to us. The way this child learns is fascinating and for a teacher is both frustrating and impressive. He never has learned well with box curriculum that takes him step by step at the pace set forth. Rather, he has always launched light years ahead on his own, but ONLY if the end result makes sense and there is a reason to learn what he pursues. In this case, his love for programming and gaming propelled him to learn Japanese since much of the games he enjoys come from Japan.

The week began with Easter weekend. Yes, I know that to some the word Easter is somewhat offensive given all of the pagan celebrations surrounding the name. So, I prefer to refer to it as Resurrection weekend that, from what I understand, actually most likely took place beginning on a High Sabbath of Wednesday for the crucifixion, putting Jesus in the tomb for a full 3days as was prophesied instead of the more accepted Thursday, Last Supper, Good Friday, Easter morning version. But, that's history and up for discussion for your own personal beliefs. Regardless, we celebrate Christ's resurrection from the dead.


Since we like to keep the focus on Christ and not the pagan aspects of spring, bunnies, and such, we may celebrate it slightly differently than some. But, we have weighed out options and come to the conclusion that egg hunts are not necessarily completely of the devil, though you may think otherwise if you've ever attended some like we have in the past where adults are yanking eggs out of children's hands. But, I digress. This weekend left me with only one child remaining in our household young enough to take part in a local church's egg hunt. But, my older two decided they still wanted to do our family hunt. They just didn't want a ton of candy. So, we opted to hide puzzle pieces and have the family come together to build the puzzle that had somewhat of a resurrection theme (a sunrise over a field of flowers). It went well, but we are still working on the puzzle. Next year, Im looking for a smaller number of pieces.

On Sunday, we watched the Veggie Tales Easter Carol and attended church with grandparents as well as conducted our own family Easter egg hunt.

Egg dying with teens and one child was interesting. Their personalities showed through. While my teen daughter decorated scriptures and replicas of her favorite For King  & Country musicians on her eggs, my teen son went with what we dubbed depression eggs. No worries! It was just all in goofiness, I'm guessing he didn't want to compete with the good eggs his sisters had designed. My youngest spelled out the word EASTER with her eggs and also designed one to look like Sonic and one, Egg Man, of course.

My daughter invented her own Easter treat. Natural peanutbutter and chocolate.

Oh yeah, we also found a bird's nest in our backyard.

And, we did our Resurrection Eggs as is our tradition. They tell the story of the crucifixion and resurrection.

After the weekend of celebration, our week began only this week began with a theater intensive for 7 hours with both girls in full costume ready to rehearse and dance and sing the day away.

Exhausted from Monday, the girls slept in and started the day late. I went driving to the library with my permit driver in the driver's seat and then to the post office and such. Little did I know that my hubby was having a crisis. He had placed his daytimer on top of his van (I don't even know how a person reaches that high, but I'm not that tall, so) and it blew off on a small but busy highway near our house. Actually, the contents of it blew all over two small but busy highways near our house. So, when I arrived home, I went back out to help him locate the contents on the road. A nice police officer had blocked off a lane or so for him initially, but the rest was up to us to track down. I was amazed how far some of those papers blew and where they ended up. God id good, though, all in all as far as we can tell, we only lost a page of a credit card statement thaht would be worrisome, but we were about to call it to enact a special percentage rate which would freeze the card for a year anyway. This just made our decision sealed in stone so noone could use it if found.

But, he did manage to find his envelope of $800 worth of checks, the gift card we were giving to our accountant for preparing our taxes, his smaller calendar book tucked inside, all of the other papers the best we can tell, and he even found his tiny envelope of stamps. What could have been a major financial loss ended up as a lesson learned to zip up that daytimer and don't set it on top of a vehicle. LOL.

The rest of Tuesday, Tax Day, involved getting to the Tax House to sign our taxes and send off what we owe to the state, something we haven't had to do for several years now I think. At least we do get a federal return just not as much as I had hoped.

Exhausted from Tuesday's highway paper gathering ordeal, I slept in a bit on Wednesday but did manage some schooling both days with my youngest.

Thursday took us to a permit-holding daughter anxious to drive again for practice. She also wanted to try out a new peanut butter recipe, so we headed all the way to Aldi, which meant driving through a school zone and through a busy intersection, around curvy roads and parking in the Aldi parking lot (probably the most dangerous of the entire trip). We survived , and she did quite well. I returned to finish school with my youngest.

Throughout the week, we have also been working on some reviews, some have posted and others are coming soon.

That brings us to today - Friday, glorious Friday! Tomorrow, we plan on spending the day with my mom for her birthday and then it will bring us to a recap next week of the upcoming weekend and week's events.

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