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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew - Algebra for Breakfast

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My daughter is TERRIFIED of math when it comes to advancing beyond the basics, so I was excited to get a chance to review this  online, video-based math enrichment program called Algebra For Breakfast from the Algebra for Breakfast site and see how this unique, hands-on approach that is aimed toward elementary aged children would help her. I received 6 monthts access to Grades 3-4 and Grades 5-6.

What is Algebra for Breakfast?

Algebra for Breakfast is an online, video-based math enrichment program. Most lessons consist of one or two short instructional videos and PDF worksheet downloads. There are also videos directed to the parent/teacher to show you how to create and play games that relate to math concepts and a Parent Corner that provides you with an answer key to the PDF worksheets as well as online help where parents can ask questions through support links.


The program requires the use of some math manipulatives that were not provided to me for the purpose of the review but are available through Algebra for Breakfast for purchase as part of one of their packages. The additional materials that are recommended to correspond with the onscreen lessons include:

Mortensen Math Combo Kit (contains 2 large trays of 164 colorful plastic math pieces)

One set of math dice (3 six-sided dice, 2 twelve-sided dice, a cloth carrying bag and instructions)

Also strongly encouraged is to purchase and download the skip count songs from iTunes



I received 6 month's access to the program and was provided with two levels

Grades 3/4
Grades 5/6

It is set up for 40 lessons total for each level, though some of the latter lessons are yet to be added. The lessons usually only take about 15 minutes each to complete.
Since the name caught my attention, I wondered if there was a meaning behind it. My daughter thought it must mean that students do math during the first part of their day, while they eat breakfast. But, that's not it.

While I searched the website to find an exact reason for the name, "Algebra for Breakfast", I must have overlooked the exact explanation, but based upon the love-for-math background of the instructor, I concluded that it is named this because when you start a child out early on with the right methodology, they are able to grasp otherwise complicated concepts of math. He discovered that children fear and dread math at higher level, starting in Middle School, because they have not been introduced to math in a meaningful way. When you show a child how to use the math manipulatives along with the mathematical concepts, a child as young as 5 years old can begin doing algebra.
Breakfast = First Meal of the Day 
(Algebra for Breakfast = Children Learning and Understanding Algebraeic concepts at a young age)

Algebra for Breakfast, Review, #hsreviews #mathsupplement #mathenrichment #algebrareinforcement, Math Enrichment, Math Supplement, Algebra For Breakfast
Algebra for Breakfast, Algebra for Breakfast, Review, #hsreviews #mathsupplement #mathenrichment #algebrareinforcement, Math Enrichment, Math Supplement, Algebra For Breakfast

How Did We Use It?

I sat down with my 10-year old who is in the 4th grade but is TERRIFIED of the idea of algebra. I'm not sure why. She is probably not up to par at grade level when it comes to math because of her trepidation over concepts that go beyond the basic math skills. So, I started her with the 3-4 grade level. It didn't take long, however, before she asked to try out a lesson from the 5/6 grade level of the program, so we did. When we saw the lesson about thinking in pictures, my daughter was all about that. She immediately said, "I'm an artist, so I already think in pictures!" And, I think that is a clue into how this program works. It's hands-on, using colorful pieces you hold in your hands to complete problems that are typically written out in black and white print that typically terrifies my daughter. Seeing the problems demonstrated with the colorful blocks took away that fear.

What Did We Think?

At first, I wasn't sure how the math blocks and rods were going to be used to do algebra, but I was surprised to hear my math-fearing daughter exclaim! Oh, this is easy! So, the concept is intriguing to me that you can take algebra and make it, for lack of a better word, fun! I probably need to mention that my daughter, for some reason, has never seemed to thrive with online or video-oriented math programs. I don't know why other than it's just her learning style preference. So, we really liked the printout worksheets that allowed her to practice what she saw onscreen. I also appreciate the hands-on aspect of the games and use of math manipulatives. As a teacher/parent, I also thoroughly appreciated the Parent section that provided an answer key to the worksheets.

The only possible obstacles we encountered with the program were that since many of the videos were recorded in front of an actual classroom, the noise level was a bit distracting for my hyper-sensory issues child whenever we were asked to take out our math manipulative blocks. The on-video classroom filled with children also taking out their blocks created a lot of commotion. But, that may just be that she is easily distracted by background noise. The videos require the use of Flash to play, which my Chrome browser had disabled, but all that required was my accepting Chrome's prompt to enable Flash. At first, I found myself fumbling around a bit on the site when trying to get back to the list of lessons, but I don't appear to be alone in this since there is a green block with instructions on how to get back to the lessons. But, overall, we found that the site has a lot of potentials to offer unique and valuable instructional information that really helped my math-fearing daughter get over a hump to see that there is a hands-on, and colorful way to tackle higher level math, and the instructor is clearly knowledgeable and encouraging in his delivery on screen.

Algebra for Breakfast


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