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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Taco Tuesday

I'm not one to give recipe advice, and cooking has become something less than pleasurable for me since I've had children, but Tuesdays are an exception.

Our house is a household that consists of a few of us who will pretty much eat anything along with two who have sensory issues with their food. ...but, they don't have the same sensory issues or tastes. So, cooking for me has become a chore - not that I enjoyed it all that much to begin with. But, we did recently stumble upon something we all enjoy.

TAco TUesday!

Ole' It's a winner! Now, granted, I don't add any seasoning to the meat, and the toppings I put out on the counter are enjoyed separately, one child only adds cheese, another sour cream and cheese, and my hubby and I like the works. Truth be told, my hubby and I would also love the meat to be seasoned, but we have adjusted just fine.

My children actually look forward to taco tuesday. They wake up in the morning excited that they are going to get to eat something they enjoy!

So, there's my little Tuesday cooking tip. Maybe it will be a home run for your family too!

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