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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Online Book Sale and Samaritan's Purse Clean Water eBay Auctions Going On Now

As some of you probably know, I am a writer, a homeschool blogger, and also a seller on eBay. I began selling on eBay as an effort to produce enough money to get my kids a Happy Meal on Family night years ago. Now, it has progressed though I have yet to clear out my basement.

So, part of the reason I did eBay from the start was to give money back through charity auctions. The charity I chose is Samaritan's Purse Clean Water ministry. I chose this because when my rainbow miracle baby was born, I felt as though my dry and barren womb had been given a life-stream of living water. So, I wanted to help those who were in need of a clean life-giving waater expreience.

Currently I have a couple auctions that are set to give a portion of the proceeds to Samritan's Purse. They are:

Feel free to check out my other listings while you're at it.

I also have an online book sale going on now. I shared pictures of books on my Facebook page but will also share them here. If you like any of them, simply make an offer. To do this through my blog, you can comment or message me through the contact info. at the bottom of my blog OR PM me through my Facebook page - Puddle Jumping Blog.

All I ask is that you PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, start your offer to include shipping, which for books will usually start at about $3.50, depending on where they are being shipped to and their weight. I will happily combine shipping on several books, but keep in mind that as the weight increases so does the USPS price, even with media mail. And, I can't ship things like scale or plush animals media.

So - Happy book buying. Here is what I have to offer:

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