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Monday, July 17, 2017

Volunteering for VBS - In the Hottest Days of the Year

so, last week my daughter and I volunteered to help at my parents' church's Vacation Bible School. My youngest daughter is still young enough she was able to attend. But, just how I came to be in charge of the games for the week I'm still not sure. But, there I was in charge of Game Makers.

I'll fast forward and say that it all turned out rather well, but I have to share some of the obstacles.

First, I was working frantically to finish writing assignments and make sure my eBay items were not listed while I was away, since I couldn't ship an item that was 30 miles away as I was staying at my parent's house for the week to avoid drive time and wear and tear. In addition to my normal work wrap-up, I had reviews to get ready and, oh yeah - THE GAMES!

I had planned on just bringing my writing work with me, but my mom had asked if I could help drive my dad back and forth to doctor appointments all week. So, I wiped out my plan to work and settled in that I would be a chauffer and game master (both completely out of my comfort zone). But, there it was!

So, I was given a Game manual for the VBS, but found some of the games needed to be modified to stress the Bible point of the day and to create as little chaos or injury as possible.

Then, the night before I was to leave for the week, my dad ended up in the hospital again with very worrisome symptoms.

So, you've got me already nervous about being in charge of the games and driving into the city for doctor appointments with  my parents, but now I had the extra worry of my dad's health.

Oh, and one more thing. I took a screenshot of the weather forecast as I was puling up to the church the first night of VBS. Keep in mind that VBS was to be a 4-day event. The weather alert made me laugh..... Don't worry - It's just a heat advisery for FOUR DAYS!

So, there I was - a dad in questionable health, a daughter anxious to help with leading music and me in charge of games!

Thankfully, it all turned out rather nicely, though my dad is still in need of prayer but has been moved to rehab. And, I have no plans of volunteering for games at VBS again. Still, I'm glad it all went well.

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