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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Learning Styles VARK Blogathon

I entered the 2011 WordCount Blogathon.  Shortly after midnight last night, I posted my first blog entry for the duration of the daily blogging challenge.  But, just to be safe thought I'd better blog again throughout the day to make sure it all counts.  I'm fairly new to blogging, though I've been writing for an online publication since May 2009 and writing and developing documents long before that.  Still, sometimes the ins and outs of specific blogging challenges leave me feeling as though I'm not sure what I'm doing.  So, I just keep plugging way posting information that my readers hopefully find interesting.

The other day, one of my friends emailed me with an online learning style quiz.  She had taken it, and was excited to discover she was an auditory learner.  So, I agreed to check it out and take the quiz myself.

You can take the online learning styles test here! Just scroll down till you see the test entitled "How Do You Learn Best!"  You'll have to email the site to receive the test.  Or, you can take an online test right away here!

The letters VARK stand for Visual, Auditory, Rearing (Writing) and Kinesthetic.  The second test linked above leaves out the R (Writing) option and allows for only a VAK test.

Take the test and find out which learning style suits you best.

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