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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do You Count Your Facebook Friends?

Maybe it's just my own obsessive compulsive tendency at work, but some days I find myself noticing that a friend or two of mine on Facebook has dropped off.  I never usually know who this friend is, but I notice the number of my friends went down by one or two.  But, then just as fast as they went away, they pop back up again and reappear as being counted in the number of my friends.

Why is that?  And, why do I care?

True, it's not as back as it was when I first signed up for Facebook as I only had a few friends who were easy to keep tabs of.  Now, because of my work, I have branched out to connect with more "friends" so it is more difficult to keep track.  Still, I notice when the number goes up or down.

Is it fallout from high school popularity contests?  Or, why does it matter to me?

I can answer that by saying that I hate conflict and never want to offend anyone.  If I have offended someone to the point of making them want to de-friend me or fade off of my friends list on Facebook, it concerns me.  I try hard not to step on toes or to share obnoxious comments.  I try not to be too personal or be too absent.  My comments on other's pages are usually encouraging.  I hate to debate or become involved in petty arguments that only leave other commenting friends feeling less than adequate.

So, why the up and down friends?

Maybe it's a Facebook alogrithm at work.  Maybe someone deletes their account and then comes back.  I don't think I'll ever know because while it concerns me, I don't really choose to spend my time investigating the matter....  Instead, I'll just blog about it here.

1 comment:

  1. Actually, I pay no attention to my Facebook friends count, except if one of them stops playing FarmVille (a vice of mine). I do pay a lot of attention to the count of my blog followers and visitors - I guess we are all obsessive in our own ways. Good luck from a fellow Blogathoner.