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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If I Started Blogging Today I Would Do This Differently

If I started blogging today, what would I do differently?  This is the question asked of today's Blogathon 2012.  This makes me think...

Would I use a different blogging platform?  I'm not sure.  Everyone has their preference as to whether to use Wordpress, Blogger or some other blogging platform.  I find Blogger to be so easy to use that it took me awhile to warm up to Wordpress and I'm not completely won over to the Wordpress format even though I do use it to present my writing work.  Check it out here, if you like:  TereJScottWriter.Wordpress.Com

Would I change my blog's name?  Perhaps.  Naming a blog is almost as difficult as naming your child though Google may be slightly less flexible in assigning a nickname or terms of endearment.  Once you choose a name, that's it unless you want to move all of your blogs to date to a new title.....  So, looks like Teachable Scotts Tots Homeschool is what I'm sticking with for now.

Money Making Opportunities, would you change that?  Well, I don't know.  I don't want to be a block of ads for my readers to feel spammed.  Though, it would be nice to make more than a penny or two here and there.  Still, I do write an occasional product review that yields some payment.  I would like to open up my blog to private advertisements eventually.  For now, I have a page dedicated to homeschoolers with a business to advertise for free.  I even create a spotlight page at no charge.  Though, I've strangely only had less than a handful of business owners take advantage of this.  Maybe if I charged for the service, I'd get a line of people wanting it.  I don't know.  Making money off of a blog is a fine line between offering a true service and becoming just another place to plop down a buck.

I enjoy blogging my personal insights, but I also really enjoy spreading the word about helpful products and opportunities.  I think I'll keep a healthy mix and maybe one day my blog will be read by millions.  In the meantime, if something I write encourages you - I've done my job to complete satisfaction.

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