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Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Morning Rambles - What's On Your Mind?

Here I am at Day 13 of the Blogathon and not sure what I will blog about that will be interesting enough to capture your attention or be meaningful enough to even post.  So, I decided to just write what's on my mind.

Thought #1:  Above is a picture of our centerpiece at the mother/daughter luncheon.  We thoroughly enjoyed that there was a live cricket/grasshopper on our table's flower.

Thought #2:  As I type I am waiting for the fridge repairman to come.  He just called to confirm he is on his way.  I am the only one awake in our household waiting.  This repair is one of several.  We love our refrigerator, but are so thankful we went the extra mile and actually purchased the service agreement on it.  It has more than paid for itself in ice maker repairs alone.  It's true that fridges without the ice maker require less maintenance and repairs.  However, ice is essential in our house.  This is why we would not fare well in Europe.  Hopefully very soon I can once again tuck away the plastic ice cube trays and rely on my fridge to spit out the cubes automatically.

Thought #3:  My weekend received a bit of a shock to it.  I logged onto Facebook to post some pictures of the mother daughter luncheon I attended at my mom's church only to see that my friend had posted that her husband was ill and in the ER.  They thought it was kidney stones.  We were preparing to watch a movie with the kids, so I posted that we would pray.  I turned off my computer, watched the movie & we did pray.  I was shocked when I logged on the next morning to see my friend had endured a nightmarish night.  She went from sitting at a dance recital with her daughter to watching her husband go downhill fast and very unexpectedly.  He went into respiratory failure, his lungs filled up with fluid and his vitals were horrific.  They told her she would lose him and she had to sign off on a procedure that could actually kill him.  There was a very good chance of this.  This poor woman went from dance recital mom stress and happiness of the anticipation of seeing your daughter on stage to staring widowhood in the face.  The moment I saw her update  I began to pray and ask others to do the same.  It was hours before I heard from her again.  This time with better news, but nothing close to where it needs to be.  He became more stable and they believe his problem stems from a mass they found on his kidneys/adrenal glands.  Now the prayer is for complete healing.  He needs to have a strong enough heart to make it through any procedures needed to fix the root of the problem, and pray it is not cancerous....  If you are praying folk.  Please pray for this man and his family!  They recently only began their journey of homeschooling and the daddy has not even reached the age of 40 yet - Far too young.

Thought #3:  Mother's Day was a gorgeous weather day in my town.  My husband worked, so I had to wait to get my true gift of the night off to myself.  Though, it ended up being taken up with another gift - an iPhone4S.  Woohoo!  We have entered the texting world (at least for the time being.  We will see how much we really need and use texting before deciding if we want to keep this feature forever).  In the meantime, we are having a blast playing with the Siri feature.  Someone told me to tell it that I loved it.  So I did, and the voice responses were hilarious.  Apple actually programmed in a feature to respond to a voice command like love.  The phone responds like:  "All you need is love and an iPhone" or "Duly noted, can we get back to business now", or "you hardly know me".  It is great entertainment.

Thought #4:  We are done with schooling for the year.  Well, we are done with official schooling for the year.  True learning continues always - At least that is my hope.

If you have made it to the end of my Monday morning rambles and believe in prayer, please say a prayer, or two or two thousand prayers for my friend's husband.  Thanks!

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