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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Five Things To Do To Celebrate Last Day Of School

Our homeschool's last day of this school year was last week.  The kids had already finished all required hours and curriculum, but I extended it a few days so I could offer the last day of school as an extra birthday gift to my son.  We are officially on summer break (if there truly is ever a break from learning when you have an eclectic educational style like us).  It dawned on me that we usually do something special to celebrate our last day of school.  This year, it sort of melted into a birthday celebration.  However, there are other things we have done over the years that usually involve ice cream.

Here are some ideas for celebrating the last day of school:

  1. Take a picture - We always take a first day of school picture, but a last day of school picture is a nice idea s well.  It's especially fun to compare the two and see how much your child has changed over the course of just a few months.
  2. Celebrate with a pizza - Either go out to your favorite pizza place or make your own.
  3. Go out for ice cream!  Even though my children are still flabbergasted at the realization that their mom (me) does not really care for ice cream too much, we still have found a way of making this into almost a tradition.
  4. Go to the park - Public schools host field days.  Homeschoolers go to the park and enjoy the quiet playgrounds, fields and pathways before their public and private-schooled counterparts flood and crowd the areas in just a few short days.
  5. Make someone smile - Celebrate the day by reaching out to someone in the community.  Go to a retirement center with special gifts for the residents (check with the home before you show up unannounced) and make someone's day.  Go to a hospital ICU floor and leave a box of bottled water and fresh fruit with a note to help yourself (again, check with hospital first to make sure they will allow this).  For some reason hospital waiting rooms often have no available water and is one of the most needed items for those waiting anxiously to hear news of a loved one.
These are just a handful of ideas.  Be creative and enjoy your last day of school.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my, what a fabulous day! pictures, pizza, ice cream, and lots of smiles -- thanks for the ideas on how to help my daughters mark the end of their school year *next week* eek!!