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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Science Experiment Surface Tension with Pennies in Water

We enjoy doing science experiments at home.  Our typical location is the kitchen counter.  However, this latest experiment took place on the dining room table.

We are notorious for following the steps of a perfectly good science experiment only to have it fail.  Even in my college chemistry classes, my group was always the only group in the lab who would follow the directions precisely and not end up with expected results.  That's why I enjoy science experiment books that actually describe what is supposed to happen.  That way, when the experiment has failed, we can look back and see what was supposed to happen according to the world of science.

Following is a video we successfully (sort of) conducted using pennies and a jar filled with water.... And, I have no idea why it uploaded with a green streak across the video (I apologize and am looking into why).


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