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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Twitter and Bring on Spring

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to Twitter....  Seven years ago today, March 21, Twitter rolled out onto the social networking marketplace by posting its very first Tweet.
It only seems right that the first full day of spring, a website that represents itself with a birdlike image would first appear.

According to ABC News, that first tweet was from the co-founder of Twitter and it said:

Just setting up my twttr
It was then a private network, but that changed rapidly.

I jumped on board when I discovered Twitter after I was hired to write as the St. Louis Homeschooling Examiner in May of 2009.  I would have to scroll through thousands of tweets to discover what my first tweet was.  I just don't remember.  However, I do remember some of my early Tweeting friends.

BTW - If you want to follow me on Twitter, I'm @Jalenagraham

The next month my dad was scheduled for heart surgery, and I asked for prayer on Twitter.  I quickly received a direct message from a homeschool curriculum publisher personally telling me that he was praying for my dad.  But, it didn't stop there.  This new Twitter follower followed up and continued prayer until my dad was recovered.

At that time, I also posted a request for prayer along with this blog post, which first appeared on Homeschoolblogger:

Whew!  Not the place I ever enjoy - the waiting room.  The hospital waiting rooms are especially horrid.  Then add 3 busy children to the mix, and you have the ingredients for needing a stress test yourself.  Thankfully that was not the case today.  Today, it was my dad's turn!  At the age of 78, my otherwise healthy dad developed what the doctors thought was pneumonia.  Well, it was pneumonia....congestive heart failure pneumonia.  The week after Easter, he found himself in the ER then hospitalized for a few days till they could bring the fluids in his lungs down enough to perform a stress test.  When they performed the stress test, they found blockage and then sent him to get an angiogram (heart cath) today.  That's how we found ourselves at the hospital early this morning.  And, let me tell you, this hosptial is not the easiest to walk around.  It is located on a bluff, so the main floor is really the top floor (or 4th) floor.  Confused yet?  We walked into the main hospital, only to find that the lady at the front had no record of my dad's test being scheduled.  So, we walked (with 3 children, homeschool books, a laptop computer, a diaper bag & bag full of snacks & crayons to keep the 2 year old busy - all loading down a stroller).  We went to the heart cath lab at the hospital to find no one we knew and yet another lady who knew nothing of my dad's test.  We then were told by a janitorial staff (thank God for janitorial staffs) that we would need to drive around the side of the hospital to the outpatient green awning.  We did.  When we arrived there, the only parking spot to be found was one right outside the door next to the handicap spaces which I was not about to take because I knew that heart patients (namely my dad) would need it seeing as  how their next closest parking space was up a hill that was pretty much at a 90 degree angle.  We went back to the parking lot we had originally left, parked the car & walked down that huge hill with 3 children, a stroller rolling away - packed with homeschool books, a laptop computer, a diaper bag & a bag full of snacks, coloring books & crayons to keep the 2 year old happy).  We finally arrived at that proper place right before my parents pulled up.  We then proceeded to walk into the waiting room which was very small & the receptionist behind the desk was making it known that she was not too happy that we had brought so many people along to wait.  We forgave her as an elder from church, then the pastor arrived adding to the people in the waiting area, now with Bibles & speaking encouraging words over my dad.  They finally took my dad back for the procedure while we waited.  My mom was briefed on possible complications and came out of the room in tears fearful for her husband's (my dad's) life.  Well, I'm happy to say that my dad made it through the angiogram.  The blockages are not bad enough to put in a stint or perform angioplasty.  He does, however, have to have another test then repair a valve.  I am relieved that today's waiting experience is over.  But, we are onto more prayertime & surgery in some form.  The good news is God heard my prayer to keep my dad safe.  The other good news is that my children completed their school books today, so technically our school year is complete.

We serve a mighty God who will bring my dad through whatever doctors decide he needs & give him extra years of life.

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