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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What Movie Did We See with Our Free Movie Passes?

Yesterday my family had a rare treat.  Before I describe what we did, let me back up a bit to last November when we took part in a can drive for the hungry.

Wehrenberg Theatres hosted the food drive.  If you brought a certain number of cans, you got to see a free movie that afternoon.

If you brought more cans, you got a free movie pass to see a movie at a future date.  The passes expired March 7, 2013.

We used our first passes to see Wreck It Ralph.  The movie was really fun, but we had no idea what we would see with our next set of passes.

We watched for months as every new movie previewed without a desire to see any of them.  We saw the trailer for "Escape from Plant Earth" and thought, "eh, maybe it would be passable.  Guess that's our only option".  That's how we went into the movie, with mediocre expectations and no other good family options.

Let me also back up and explain that we had five movie passes which meant that we had enough for my husband to join us.  However, tracking him down in his busy schedule to join us with any fun outing is nearly impossible, but we did it.  We arrived at the decision to see "Escape from Plant Earth" on Monday, yesterday.

Let me also fill you in on the fact that movie theaters are not my favorite place.  I am not a snob, but I do have sensitive ears and probably a whole host of undiagnosed sensory issues because loud noises and strange lighting just go through my nervous system like a cat with its fur standing on end.  But, I knew we had these free passes and I had 3 kiddos waiting to see a movie.  So, I went.

We got there early and endured 17  minutes of movie previews that played after the listed start time of the movie was to begin which means we had finished off the first round of popcorn tub refills just in time for the opening credits.

We watched, and you know what?  We had a really good time.

"Escape from Planet Earth" was a fabulous family-frendly movie.  We were all pleasantly surprised.

  • It had a great family message
  • There were absolutely no curse words whatsoever
  • The violence turned out to be not even violent after all, and you'll have to see the movie yourself to see what I mean
  • And, the best line of the movie was:  "What, you think just because a chick has kids she can't dish it out?"....Brilliant line in defense of SAHMs (Stay-at-home-moms) everywhere!
Bottom line - If you get a chance, go see the movie with your kids.  You'll be glad you did.  And, I am in no way a company spokesperson, was not paid to do a review on the movie and only received free tickets to see it because of a can drive.

Now, if anyone can tell me how I can log the movie for homeschool learning hours, we're in business.  So far, I have been told to consider logging it as:

  • Political Science (If you've seen the movie, you'd understand)
  • Cinema Theater (Actually, we are the only people alive who look at the names till the closing credits roll)
  •  Art of Animation
Any other suggestions?

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