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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Footprints in the Sand

Last year, on the beach, I took a picture of my daughter's foot next to my foot.  Her little toes curled into the sand, and the bulk of her foot didn't even make much of an imprint in the sand because she wasn't heavy enough.  But, there is something about these footprints in the sand that make me realize time is passing by much faster than I had ever hoped.

7 years ago, I was anticipating the birth of my last child.  She was a miracle child, and it is her 5 year old footprint that is in this picture.  From the start, this little miracle child has clung to my side.

It has just been in the past year or so that she has actually ventured out on her own more, and now actually sways between me and her older sister as to who influences her most.

I think I walked on a cloud for several years after her birth.  Her very presence is like looking into the arms of God.

Today, this little miracle asked me if she could learn to ride a bike.  Of course, the answer will be yes.  But, we just don't have a bike that fits her currently.

She is a constant reminder of God's grace that is always abundant.

But, when I look at these footprints in the sand, I realize how fast time flies.  Homeschooling starts - Homeschooling days for us will one day come to an end.  I cannot believe it has been a year since these footprints sunk into that sand on the South Carolina beach.  And, I cannot believe how fast time goes by when raising children.  Every second of every day counts so much toward their destiny.

I hope that we have a chance to make many more footprints in the sand, and not only on the beach, but in our day-to-day lives.  But, when they have all washed up onto the shore, I hope I have left a lasting impression that has won her heart for the God who gave her miraculously to me in the first place.

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