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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Announcing Our Traveling Fun: Where's Peara? Peara Goes Public and Possibly Viral

I have tossed the idea around back and forth and back and forth again, about sharing with you a personal insight to our travels with kids.  Specifically, our travel mascot.

Yes, we have a travel mascot.

Yes, we have probably gone crazy somewhere between pregnancy and setting to the road with a van filled with music gear, a touring musical husband, and three children.

Years ago, before we even had kids, my sister-in-law was cleaning out her kids' closets and asked if we wanted a stuffed plush pear that they had.  I'm not really sure why we said yes.  Maybe it was the googly eyes or the small black embroidery stitched smile that made this stuffed pear look life like.

But, we rescued the pear from being donated.

...And, we named the pear - Peara -

From there, I'm not really sure how it all started, but somewhere along the line we thought it was a cute idea to take a picture of Peara as if she were our traveling buddy - Sort of like a Flat Stanley concept, only we never intended to share our private lunacy until now.

Recently, while taking a picture of Peara at a tourist site in Wisconsin, someone suggested that Peara needs her own Twitter Account.

We didn't go that far, but it did make me finally decide to go public with Peara.

You are cordially invited to view the very first internet photos-made-public of Peara and our traveling fun.  Maybe you'll even learn some geography in the process.

If you don't like the idea of a stuffed pear becoming a family's traveling mascot, then simply turn your head and close out of the blog.  Pretend you never saw it.  If you like Peara, please share and try to send her viral across the internet.

In the meantime, you are about to view her debut public photos.

Can you guess "Where's Peara?"

The answers are:  Traveling through TN, At Rush's Drive-In in South Carolina, At Walt Disney World, At the Jelly Belly warehouse in Pleasant Prairie, WI, In Port Washington, WI, and inside a tote bag at Discovery World in Milwaukee, WI.

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