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Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Homeschool Bus Goes to the Library

This week, we returned from a trip out of town and signed up for the library summer reading program.

My oldest daughter was very excited because this year would be her first year in the "teen" reading program.

We arrived and signed up my youngest daughter, and then we headed over to the teen section, where our excitement quickly faded.

Turns out the theme for this year's teen summer reading program at the public county library is "Beneath The Surface".  Instead of choosing pictures from under the ocean surface, or an archeological dig, like some libraries have chosen, ours selected a Zombie theme.

The reading sheet has a series of zombie hands coming up from the ground for the teen and pre-teen readers to check off:

I didn't like the idea, but decided to check out their prizes for their reading efforts.  This is what I found:

There are just a handful of books to choose from that are not death, zombie or Harry Potter style themes.

We don't do zombies, and even if we did, I thought that it was chosen in poor taste for the age group of pre-teens.

I was disgusted, and I made my voice be known to the librarian at the desk, on their Twitter page, and in an email, but I have yet to hear back.

Thankfully, when we explained how disgusted we were to the children's librarian, she gave my daughter a sheet for the younger children's program and is allowing her to stay in it for another year.

The younger kids' theme is an adorable digger mole, beneath the surface.

We left, and this homeschool bus high-tailed it home.

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