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Monday, June 3, 2013

Introducing 'My Homeschool Bus"

That big yellow school bus!  There is something about that big yellow school bus.  First, it probably holds a very large key as to why I decided to homeschool.  Second, it's intriquing and eye-catching.

So, I was at my favorite area thrift store the other day, and I saw this little toy Hot Wheels/Matchbox size school bus.  Much like real school buses, it intriqued me.

I decided to buy it and turn it into a segment on my blog.

I haven't formulated what will go into "My Homeschool Bus" segments yet, or even if I will keep the name, "My Homeschool Bus", but in the meantime, it is a work in progress.

Oh, where will my homeschool bus go?

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