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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Favorite Apps For The iPhone

Last year, on Mother's Day, we broke down and became an iPhone family.  After we discovered what Apple was all about, we plunged in full force.

We went from an old cell phone that wouldn't even hold a charge and was anything but smart, to a 2 iPhone family + one child with an iPod Touch + one child with an iPad, and another iPad for my husband to use while performing live music.

In the process, I have discovered some really cool apps, and some real dud apps that I have downloaded and deleted.  I usually go with the free apps, and I rarely pay for an app unless I find it to be absolutely amazing.

I have not discovered a lot of educational apps that I have found to be worth buying, so if you know of some, please let me know.  I'd love to find some full curriculum one-stop-shop apps for my entire crew.  Until then, here's some of my favorites:

Touch Bible App - It is so convenient to carry the Bible with me whenever I go to church, and to have it for ready access.  I often sit on a Sabbath morning and enjoy reading my Bible app.

Yahoo Mail App - This is a must for me, since my husband's business email is on Yahoo.  I can easily keep up on his schedule and "to-do" list while on the run.

Facebook App - I have 4 fan pages and a personal Facebook Page.  I believe you are either a Twitter person or a Facebook person.  Though, I have a Twitter account that I use, I am definitely a Facebook person.

eBay App - I buy and sell on eBay year-round.  I was actually hesitant at first to download the eBay app, but am so glad I did.  I rarely post a new auction of something I'm selling from my eBay app, but I often use it to check messages, sales, and to check prices on how much an item sold for that I'm looking at in the middle of a thrift store, to decide whether or not I should buy it.

Chrome Browser App - A lot of the publications I write for work best in Firefox or Chrome.  I downloaded the Chrome Browser app so I could post in a pinch to one of these publication sites.

Puffin App - I discovered that there is a way to watch Flash video and other sites that contain flash - It's through the use of this Puffin app.  I liked this one so much that after the free trial period ended, I actually paid for the full version.

Weather (Wx) Alert USA - This is another app I paid for.  It alerts, like a storm radio, from the iPhone when storms are in the area.

Weather Channel App - This app provides excellent radar of approaching storms.

When we travel, we rely on the Weather Channel App, along with apps for our reward point hotels, Aldi, and a few other restaurant apps.

Some of the other apps I cannot live without, from a business as well as an educational sense, are:

PDF Reader Lite
Google Drive
Genius Scan

What are your favorite apps?

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