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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Help! My Curriculum Is Out Of Control

Help!  My curriculum is out of control.

I have book shelves in the basement that are overflowing.

I have three grade levels of older issue Bob Jones curriculum books that were given to me.

I have bags of individual grade-level curriculum for each child.

I have books all over the basement floor that won't fit on shelves!

I have books on the steps.

I have stacks of book ready to sell.

How can it be possible that I have need to purchase another single book for my children's curriculum next year?

I admit it!  I'm a book junkie, and this is very strange coming from a girl who didn't even read her first real chapter book till 10th grade - Huckleberry Finn.

I really don't like to read, but somehow I'm addicted to curriculum.

I am flexible.  I try out a curriculum, and if my children don't like it, we move on.  My daughter sticks with the ones she likes.  My son, however, never seems to like any.

I did run across this site that I intend to check out.  It's called CurriculumShare.com.  If anyone's used it, please let me know how it is.  I'm also a member of a couple homeschool groups who buy and sell curriculum.

The other part of the equation, however, is that I have trouble parting with the books that meant something to me:

Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons, for instance.  I used this book for my son who took off way before I even opened the pages and wanted nothing to do with it.  Thinking it was the book that was a failure, I tucked it away and lost it.  So, my 2nd child never got to reap its benefits.  I found it last year when my youngest was wanting to learn to read, and that little sweetie let me sit down with her every day till we read that book cover to cover.  She is now reading 2 grade levels above where she should be.  So, it wasn't the book that was a failure after all.  And, I hate to part with it.

I will part with them, though.  And, I will part with these books soon.

I am weeding out my basement wall-lined bookshelves, the floor, the bags, and the stacks.

Maybe I'll post what I have for sale on my blog.
Maybe I'll check out that curriculum share site.
Maybe I'll post some on my Facebook groups.
Maybe I'll take some to the Family Vision Library consignment shop.
Maybe, I'll post some on eBay.

Maybe, I'll do all of the above.

If you are looking for curriculum, ask.  I probably have it and am willing to sell.

1 comment:

  1. I have preschoolers who are learning to read, and would love any and all pre k and k resources. I have middle school ELA resources I would be willing to trade!