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Thursday, July 18, 2013

This is How 21 Years of Marriage Looks

Our wedding invitation was an artist's sketch based on a picture of us on the Cliff Walk in Newport, RI.

I cannot believe it - The time really did fly by.  But, today I have been married for 21 years.  I'm not exactly sure where that 20-something young bride went.  When I look at the pictures, sometimes I'm not even sure that young lady and I have ever even met.

But, today I celebrate 21 years of marriage!

I love reading anniversary posts about people who married their best friend.  It sounds so very romantic and lovely to marry your very best friend.  But, I don't fully relate.  See, I fell head over heels into love from the start.  Sure, we are friends.  But, I see our relationship as more of two romantic people who share the same passion for Christ-like living and are reaching to attain the same goals while cheering each other on.  If that's a friendship, then I married my best friend.

I firmly believe that God introduced us.  We literally bumped into each other up at church.  We were both attending a Sunday night praise meeting, and we were walking around a petition, deep in prayer.  We bumped into each other.


  1. 1 1/2 years of dating
  2. 21 years of marriage
  3. 2 houses
  4. 6 pregnancies
  5. 3 kids
  6. no pets
  7. 8+ jobs between us
  8. 8 vehicles
  9. 2 bicycles
  10. 2 bike baby trailers
  11. 3 child bikes
  12. 10 churches
  13. 4 broken promises of a worship leader position
  14. 8 years of homeschooling
  15. A wedding dress so small that no one's ever fitting into it again
  16. 28 States and Canada traveled
  17. Countless tears that have been captured in bottle held in God's hands
  18. Plenty more hours of laughter
  19. More debt than we care to mention
  20. More plucked or colored gray hairs than we will ever admit
  21. Probably a combined 100+ extra pounds between us
Here we are!

Happy 21st Anniversary to me and my hubby!  I wonder what the next 21 years will hold.


A Jewish style celebration dance.

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