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Monday, August 4, 2014

Where's Peara? School of the Ozarks Keeter Center

Where's Peara?  If the title hadn't given it away, could you have guessed?

I'll give you a hint - It's a place where students study and work in southern Missouri. It's also the college I wanted to go to, but I didn't qualify (another story for another day, perhaps).

Imagine graduating college without a scholarship - debt-free - No student loans! Everything is paid off.
Now, imagine already having several hours of work experience in your field of study.


Nope!  Not at this place.

There isn't much more appropriate of a name as to where this place is located than One Oppotunity Lane in Ozarks, MO.

While we were in Branson with family, we visited The College of the Ozarks where students work their way through. Each student is expected to work something like 15 hours a week and one week of full-time work every month. In return, they receive their college education and come out with a diploma and work experience.

One of the places on campus where students are able to work is at the Keeter Restaurant, which is open to the public.

It has a gift shop, a lodge, a conference room/banquet center, a bakery, a creamery, and a restaurant.

And, you know what? The food was absolutely delicious!

 The scenery was nice as well!

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