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Friday, November 28, 2014

I Know Where To Find The Hotttest Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll Without Breaking The Bank

It has been slotted to be one of the top selling Disney Frozen gift idea this Christmas. And, I know where you can still find one - Two actually. But, you might want to hurry because there's no telling how long it will be available.

It's a Snow Glow Elsa, and it's adorable! You press her button, and she lights up and sings, "Let It Go". Apparently, she says other phrases as well in both English and Spanish.

If your little one has this doll on her list, you know the panic. Sellers know this parental panic well, and some pounce on it to milk you for all you're worth. One eBay seller last week had this doll listed for $499.  yes, for one doll.

I know where you can get it for much less than that. In fact, you could get about 10 dolls before you add up to that listed doll's amount.

Here are two listings currently for less than $50 for this doll that originally retailed and completely sold out at closer to $40. So, it's not a huge mark up for your last-minute trouble.

Find the Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa doll, the Snow Glow Elsa doll with other fun Disney Frozen gifts OR a few other Disney Frozen Olaf and other gifts listed here - PLEASE NOTE: THESE STILL HAVE ABOUT 5 DAYS LEFT ON THEIR AUCTIONS AT THE TIME OF THIS BLOG POSTING. THEY EACH ALSO HAVE BUY IT NOW PRICES, SO THEY COULD DISAPPEAR SOON:


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