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Friday, May 1, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - Drama Play and Decompression Week

Starting with Friday, April 24, we began to wrap up the week that was dubbed, "all about my oldest daughter".

Friday was her big dress rehearsal day for her homeschooling drama play. This meant, I dropped her off at the church at 2:00, and they were not done rehearsing until around 7:30. I picked up a tired, excited yet frustrated girl. Seems the microphone headsets they had planned on using ran out of battery before the teens got to rehearse because the younger kids had taken so long rehearsing their play. She was hungry and hot, because it's always hot in that building for some reason, and she had to wear a fuzzy outfit to play her role as Mrs. Beaver in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Saturday was the big day of the drama performance and art show, and I had to get my daughter to the church by 3:30ish. This would normally be no problem, but of course, there were storms in the area. As I left the house, my weather radio went off indicating a tornado watch. I got her safely to the church, and then went home to finish getting ready for the family to arrive later. The play turned out well. There were working mics, and the AC was even on, though still fairly warm inside that gym. My daughter's mic, for some reason, was not picking up her voice. But, I could still hear her lines, and her makeup and costume looked fabulous!

Sunday was church as usual, followed by family game night.

And, thus begins my week to decompress!

I had planned on taking this entire week off from any extra activities, because I had originally thought the prior week would mean my running back and forth between children's activities in order to get my son downtown for his robotics competition. But, since he decided to forgo the competition, it was an easier week than I had anticipated. Still, I have a much-needed down week - Well, as down as we can get. My husband woke up feeling miserable with a head cold and upset stomach and ended up at the doctor with what she thought was a sinus infection caused by allergies. We had no idea he had spring allergies. He usually reacts in the fall. My oldest daughter has a runny nose and sore throat, and I'm hoping no one else feels under the weather when they awake.

This week for me means finishing a CBS article assignment, and writing reviews that post this week for the TOS Review Crew. It will also mean taking advantage of my last month of 100 free listings on eBay, since they are changing their policies again, and so I need to list 42 more things from my basement before the 30th is over. And, of course, it will be another week of dance for my 13-year-old. But, no Thursday co-op, and I'm waiting to hear if there will be a robotics meeting.

Tuesday meant a trip to the library to return one book that I could not renew and then family night at Chick-fil-a. Great prices - Kids meals are buy one, get one free on Tuesdays at our Chick-fil-a.

Wednesday arrived with a daughter who didn't think the fluid on her ears would do too well mixed with dance class twirling, so we didn't have dance.

Thursday was an early morning for me up to check TOS Crew reviews, I'm on the Anchor Detail team, and also a morning of pinning for the TOS Crew's Pinterest page. The evening was my son's last robotics meeting until June. They are taking the month of May off, but will be appearing with their robot at a special outdoor showing of the Lego movie tomorrow night, complete with food trucks.

And, of course, the cleaning I intended to be doing this week hasn't gotten done to the extent I had hoped. But, progress was still made. Baby steps, I guess - Even if it means taking longer to complete. Sigh!

Here's some of the reviews I've been working on this week for the TOS Review Crew:


Weekly Wrap-Up

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