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Friday, June 5, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up - Goodbye!

I am writing this weekly wrap up only to announce that I no longer plan on posting any future weekly wrap ups, at least not in this same public format. I need to give a lot of thought and prayer to how or if I will continue with some form of a weekly wrap-up at all.

I have always felt as if I and my family have nothing to hide, and I am always open and willing to share details of my life if it will spur another on to encouragement.

At least, I never intend for my words to ever hurt anyone. It is always my ambition to only bring encouragement, even though sometimes something needs to be said for the sake of those who have no voice.

So, I felt safe sharing our lives with anyone who could benefit or was interested. However, I've come to realize that not everyone reading my blog has my best interests at heart.

I refuse to feed trolls or keep company with those only interested in gossip where there is no gossip-worthy tidbits or insistent on turning their backs on me when I have done nothing wrong,

So, I want to find a happy balance between being innocent as a dove yet wise as a serpent.

...........That, and with summer approaching, we sound a bit boring in our weekly endeavors anyway!

So, for now - So long Weekly Wrap-Up!

Weekly Wrap-Up

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