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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fitness Challenge - 2 Miles for 2 Weeks

On to Goal #3.

I have so far accomplished working out for 20 minutes every day for 20 days, on the treadmill and then added 30 days of June for 30 minutes and 1 mile each day on the treadmill.  Now, I have just accomplished my third goal:

2 Weeks for 2 Miles

This means that for the past 2 weeks, I have been walking 2 miles a day on the treadmill.  Then, I set a timer for 2 minutes for each of the other workout gear, such as arm weights and abdominal crunches.

How am I doing?

It's been almost 2 months since I began my workout routine challenges. The one thing I didn't want to change was my diet, because I get so crabby when I try diet shakes or fasting or such. So, I didn't change my diet on purpose, but I found that after I work out, I don't crave the fattier things I normally crave like I did before. I prefer salads and fruit smoothies. So, even though I am not purposefully changing my diet, the end result is that my diet is changing itself.

I'm feeling more tone, and I think my belly is starting to sloooooowly shrink. But, I'm still not in the next size down, so until I am, no weighing or measurements for me. I don't want to get discouraged.

Now, what should be my next goal?

I've discovered that the 2 miles is great in terms of feeling the difference and burning calories, but it takes almost an hour just doing the treadmill.  So, my daughter suggested that my next goal be a mile and a half. I think she's got a good idea.

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