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Monday, August 7, 2017

How To Get Clean Drinkable Water While Traveling

For the last 7 years or so, our family has been traveling and going on tour with my husband who is a musician. Until this year, our weeks on the road had extended to 5 weeks at a time. This was done with kids, so we have found some helpful tips for living on the road and traveling with kids. Namely, how to find drinkable clean water while on the road.

First - We used to buy the big jug of clean water at a nearby grocery store that allowed refills for about .60 cents. Or, we did the whole buy the bottled water thing. For starters, these jugs were bulky to travel with when we would leave to go from hotel to hotel, and the bottled water was the same issue. Plus, the costs add up as well as all of those recyclable bottles crinkling and taking up space.

So, we began to look for solutions.

We discovered that many hotels have a workout room that has clean water dispensers. This was a very doable solution, but the only problem is that sometimes these jugs of water run out and the hotel  doesn't always replace them, especially not on weekends. It also requires a trip down to the workout room at all hours of the day or night, sometimes after we are already in pajamas for the night.

The most recent discovery for us that has turned out to be a win-win situation for all. The only problem is the fear that it will crack while traveling, and it does take up some amount of space in the van, but we keep it inside its original box while transporting and made the room because, it's wonderful! We can use either the workout room's already filtered water or just draw from the faucet. If there is a fridge in the room that isn't filled up with food yet, we can even keep the water cool. It's a Brita filter pitcher. The price of the original pitcher and filter were not overly expensive to begin with, so if you are traveling by plane or extremely limited space, you could even just pack a filter and buy the actual pitcher when you arrive at your destination, and then donate it to a thrift store before you leave your destination. For us, we just made space in the packing because so far we absolutely love the Brita pitcher choice for clean, drinkable water while on the road.

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