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Monday, August 7, 2017

Singin in the Rain Summer Show

My daughter just finished her final performances of Singin' in the Rain. She took part in a summer camp where the campers had only 5 days to learn the dances, songs, and lines, and build the sets for two performances. That was the challenge, and whew! Were they up for it! The shows were fantastic!

My daughter got her first part with a name - Ms. Dinsmore, the vocal diction coach, and she also got a mic for the very first time ever. She was stoked!

While I can't express how good the show was thorugh pictures alone, and I wasn't allowed to video the performance, I did take some pics that may give you a little bit of an idea of how well they did.

One of my favorite scenes was Make 'em Laugh. The actor doing it is 15 and completely recreated the movie's scene. It was imipressive!

Another part of my favorites was the girl who played Lina, the girl with the horrible squeaky crass voice in the movie. She nailed this role!

Enjoy the pics!

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