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Puddle Jump Through Life With Us - Living... Loving... Growing... washed in the love of Christ

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Homeschool Review Crew - Creating a Masterpiece

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I was thrilled to get a chance to review a one-year subscription to the online Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece.

What is Creating a Masterpiece?

This is an online subscription that teaches art through video instruction. There is a wide selection of art projects, but this review will focus on the Drawing Program. The drawings include pencil, colored pencil, and charcoal and are presented at various levels. We chose to draw a little from each level. There is a list of materials needed for each project and even links to purchase anything you need.

How Did We Use It?

I sat with my daughter and chose a few projects we wanted to do. We did them side-by-side together and enjoyed every minute. The instructor is so patient and easy to listen to. She describes each step of each project in a way that is easy to follow, and if it got too fast, we could always pause or rewind - the beauty of video online.

The lessons are set up so that you could choose to do one a week or more. We got carried away and lost track of time, so we did more than one in a week.

The Beginning Drawing section includes 8 lessons, the Drawing Level 1 includes 7 lessons, Drawing Level 2 has 6 lessons, and Drawing Level 3 consists of 8 lessons. Each lesson is broken into at least a few video lesson sections. We usually sat and finished all of the video lessons for each drawing once we got started, but you could easily stop at the end of each video within each lesson and turn it into a few day's or even a week long project for one lesson.

Here's a glimpse into what we experienced:

What Did We Think?

We absolutely love to draw together, and the instruction on these videos is superb. The instructor is easy to listen to and explains everything so well. It was hard to stop at just one project at a time as once we got started we wanted to keep going.

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