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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Foundation of All Knowledge

Every day when I wake up, I flip my little calendar that my husband gave to me years ago when we were still dating.  It is a scripture calendar.  Each page contains a scripture for the day.  While it's not a full-fledged in-depth Bible study, it's nice to start the day off with an encouraging thought from God.

Today when I flipped the  little page, I read Proverbs 9:10.  The version that this calendar presents each day varies.  Often, however, it uses The Living Bible which puts the scripture into an understandable read that is easy to apply to my life.

Today I read:

The reverence and fear of God is the basics of knowledge.  Wisdom is the beginning of all other understanding.
Here are some other versions of this verse:



When I read it, I thought how I need to use that on my blog as my byline to what the Scott Homeschool stands for.  At the base of all understanding is first reverencing God.

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