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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Little Chocolate Makes Everything Better - Even Spelling - Scrabble The Chocolate Edition for Education

Spelling - There are those who get it, and for the rest of us - There's CHOCOLATE!

I think we either get it or we don't. At least that is how it's been with my children.

I have three children - One of them is a natural at spelling, the second one struggled with spelling, and we are still waiting to see with the third, but so far she is showing signs of also being a natural like her older brother.

I have never had to run down boring lists of spelling words with my oldest or youngest (so far), because they just seem to know how to spell like it's as natural as walking, sleeping, or eating. My middle child has had to work a bit harder to get it right. She does a good job of it now, but I have discovered a tool that helps.


The other day I was shopping, and I ran across Scrabble The Chocolate Edition. I had to have it. So, I bought it. In fact, I bought two. One of them is for sale on eBay currently, if you find it as irresistible as I did.


It plays like the regular game of Scrabble, only the winner gets the gold chocolate coin, and everybody gets to eat their game pieces.

You would think that this kind of game is a one-time-shot at play and then it's done. But, we learned that you can still save your game piece wrappers when the game is over and the chocolates have been eaten, and keep playing as long as you like.

And, just for your educational boost - Following are a few spelling lists -

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